Mold Inspections


A&G Inspections’ customers receive an independent, scientific, third party mold analysis at an affordable price.

A professional visual inspection by one of our mold experts is the initial step in identifying possible contamination problems.  It will identify any visible water leaks or moisture stains on ceilings, walls, floors or under counters.  Air conditioning systems, attic and crawl spaces are inspected as well.





A&G Inspections Mold testing services include:

  • Visual inspection to detect if mold is present and document extent of mold growth.
  • Air and surface sampling to identify what types of mold are present.
  • Measurement of concentrations of particles and mold spores in the air.
  • Moisture measurements to determine if moisture is present in building materials.
  • Independent laboratory analysis of samples taken

Home Buyers: We offer home and building mold inspections to ensure mold or other environmental issues are not present.

Home Sellers: Having homes tested prior to listing for sale will increase marketability. A proactive approach will help you to comply with appropriate disclosure requirements.

Real Estate Agents: Potential home sales are sometimes disrupted due to an environmental issue reported during an inspection even though most issues are solvable. An A&G Inspections’ customer receives an independent, scientific, third party analysis at an affordable price.

To learn more about mold related services we offer, please contact us today 1-877-255-6870.