Roof Inspections and Certifications

Roof Condition InspectionsRoof_Diagram_2 (Citizens Roof Cert.)

The roof is one of the most critical components of a residential structure. Regardless of the climate, you need peace of mind knowing that your roof can endure harsh weather conditions to protect your family and your belongings.

The certified inspectors at A&G Inspections understand that a roof condition inspection is one of the most important inspections performed on any residential structure. At A&G Inspections we perform a thorough inspection that addresses multiple components that play a key role in the integrity and safety of your roofing structure. We take our time to evaluate the roofing structure from the roof edge, roof top and inside the attic. Your inspection report will include a detailed report on:

• The condition of the roofing materialRoof_Tile
• The age of the roof
• Type of roof covering(s) installed
• The shape of the roof (geometrical)
• A leak(s) report
• A visible damage report
• and much more…