Wind Mitigation Inspections

Trust A&G Inspections to perform your Wind Mitigation Inspection.  Our experienced inspection team provides Wind Mititgation Inspections using state of the art technology and advanced reporting methods.  A&G Inspections has helped thousands of Floridians save on their annual wind insurance premiums.  To learn more, call to speak with one of our Wind Mitigation specialists today @ 1-877-255-6870.


A Wind Mitigation Inspection by A&G Inspections can mean hefty discounts on your homeowners wind insurance premiums.


A wind mitigation inspection is an inspection of “mitigation features”, or areas of a structure that help protect it from hurricane force winds. If these mitigation features are properly installed, your home can qualify for wind insurance discounts with any Florida homeowners insurance company. This can mean a substantial savings of up to 88% for Florida homeowners.

Wind mitigation discounts became effective in 2003.  According to Florida Statutes, insurance companies are required to offer Florida homeowners “discounts or credits” for implementing construction techniques that reduce damage or loss in windstorms.

The following items are building and construction features that reduce wind damage, and are the primary focus of a Wind Mitigation Inspection in Florida:

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A Wind Mitigation Inspection is the most effective way to lower your annual wind insurance policy premiums. Our state of the art methods and our expert knowledge on the subject of Florida Wind Mitigation has catapulted A&G Inspections to the top of preferred wind mitigation inspectors in South Florida.  We are proud to have the opportunity to help save our customers thousands of dollars EVERY YEAR on the wind portion of their insurance policies.

Impact Window_Inspection

Impact rated windows and doors can make you eligible for substantial annual insurance premium discounts.

Single Wrap Front

Single wrap straps are extremely effective in resisting uplift of the roof structure.